Sunday, December 15, 2013

Alternative DIY

Rummaging through my closet trying to clean out any available space I found an old "Hard Rock" souvenir tee.  Bored with the simplicity of the crew neck, I decided to get creative, cut it up, and transform it.  Obsessed with muscle tanks I teared the shirt from the sleeve down and tied the ends.  Still wanting to jazz it up fringing the bottom was my next step.  I knotted dual ends to give more space in between each fringe.  This was my finished project.  Perfect for a day at the beach or a unique tank to wear at a concert.  Have you felt the urge to change up any basics left to dry in the back of your closet?



  1. Cute! I love revamping old things :)

  2. girl i love your outfit !!! Would you like to follow each other dear :) xx