Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Glam

Outfit: Top Marshalls, Skirt Sugarlips,
Shoes (not seen) BCBGeneration, Necklace Dogeared, Earrings Forever21

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Kickin' it

Following the trend reports, over the summer, I picked up a pair of Madden Girl sneaker wedges.  The tennis shoes of Victoria Secret Models have a hidden wedge that lifts and gives an arch. 
Metallic silver with hints of gold, patches of mesh, and velcro straps: these hight top sneaks add flare with the wedge sole.
Dressed up or down the funky style of a sneaker wedge is a fun addition to any outfit.


Sunday, December 15, 2013

Blingin' on a Budget

Being a college girl one can always coin the term broke when it comes to finances.  Although a serious exaggeration recycling my wardrobe is a must.  Layering, matching, and accessorizing is a constant.  As much as any girl can dream you can't always have the ability to go out and drop serious cash on new merchandise with the ever changing seasons and trends.  However, one way to spice up your old attire is with new statement pieces.  
I never have luck when it comes to Forever 21 other than basics but man their jewelry selection is on point.  Being out and about I seem to always be missing a matching earring, like missing a matching sock.  Yet, with Forever 21 I never fear the guilt of loss because there is always a readily available selection of jewelry on a dime.  Quickly stopping in I can spot what I want:  
Beautiful gem squares in a rose hue that add a sparkle to all my outfits.  
Hoops, my new obsession they make me feel fabulous.  
Then finally the cross cut out studs; I never go a day without wearing atleast one cross!
Have you been shopping lately, what are your new favorite purchases?


Alternative DIY

Rummaging through my closet trying to clean out any available space I found an old "Hard Rock" souvenir tee.  Bored with the simplicity of the crew neck, I decided to get creative, cut it up, and transform it.  Obsessed with muscle tanks I teared the shirt from the sleeve down and tied the ends.  Still wanting to jazz it up fringing the bottom was my next step.  I knotted dual ends to give more space in between each fringe.  This was my finished project.  Perfect for a day at the beach or a unique tank to wear at a concert.  Have you felt the urge to change up any basics left to dry in the back of your closet?